Groups and Teams

Using group work in courses can greatly benefit learners. Learners can continue to hone project management and critical thinking skills. Through group work, learners can deepen their understanding of course concepts. Research has shown that positive group work experiences lead to greater learner retention and success.  

Group work can take many forms, from collaborative learning during synchronous web conference sessions to formal course assignments.  

Assessing group work is similar to assessing individual work. However there are some differences. Not only is the assignment assessed, but also how the group worked together is also assessed. Grading equity between group members may need to be addressed. The resources below provide guidelines and suggested best practices when assessing group work. 

Canvas and Zoom have built-in tools that can enable group work. Within the Canvas course site, groups can be created either manually or automatically. Groups can be integrated into assignments, including discussion postings. Zoom breakout rooms can be used during synchronous web conference times. These resources describe how to conduct group work within our online environment.