Guidance for Writing Custom Survey Questions

InterPro Credit and Non-Credit courses use a standard set of survey questions, with the option to include custom questions.

Why include custom questions

Consider including custom questions if there are unique aspects to your course that are not captured in the standard set of questions, or when you add a new element to the course and want to assess the impact on student experience.

How many custom questions

Include no more than two custom questions in the survey, to balance assessing the key aspects and avoiding survey fatigue for the learner.

How to write survey questions

Consider the following strategies when writing custom survey questions:

  • assess one item per question
  • frame the question in the positive
  • provide context for the question
  • for multiple-choice questions, use a 4-point rating scale

Provost’s list of recommended survey questions

How to add custom questions to credit surveys

For credit courses, instructors add their own questions to the survey through the AEFIS Dashboard. All required fields in the Course Syllabus section in AEFIS must be complete in order to Publish your custom questions.

How to add custom questions in the AEFIS Dashboard