Course Design & Development Process

Below you will find InterPro’s course design and development process. The Learning Design & Technologies (LDT) team will provide design guidance and technical support throughout the process. Instructors will work with an instructional designer during each phase of the design and development process. An instructional technologist and an instructional specialist will also assist throughout this process with educational technology implementation, Canvas setup, troubleshooting, and more.






Important Getting Started Information for Instructors

Getting Started

  • You (instructor) will need to access Box to upload your course materials. Once course materials are uploaded, a member of the LDT team you are working with will assist in embedding & structuring those materials into your Canvas course. An instructional designer will direct you to the appropriate Box folder if you are unable to locate.
  • To access Box, visit the UW Madison Information Technology Box page
  • Once logged into Box, you will navigate to the course folder you have been given access. The folder structure in your Box course will be similar to the following list:
    • Course planning and review
    • Recorded presentations
    • Core course files
    • Quizzes
    • Readings and resources
    • Live web conference slides
    • Archived course materials
  • You may not necessarily use all of these folders listed above, it just depends on your course design.


  • If you want to upload an updated version of work to Box such as a syllabus, you will need to upload as a new version so the same embed code can be used in the Canvas course. If you upload a completely different file it will not retain the same embed code and would have to be re-added to Canvas. For more information on this, visit this Box support page.
  • For recorded presentations, upload the video file(s) (.mp4, .mov, etc.) to the recorded presentations folder in Box. You will then contact the LDT member you have been working with to arrange for the video files to be converted to Kaltura files and then embedded in your Canvas course. It is important that the files be stored long-term in Kaltura to preserve storage in Box.

Getting Started

  • Canvas is the learning management system used to facilitate learning with students. You (instructor) will need to access Canvas and work with an instructional designer to design and develop your modules.
  • Modules are an organizational tool within Canvas that help instructors structure course content by day, week, unit, topic, or outcome. Modules help simplify student navigation through a course and ensure a sequential flow of content.
  • To access Canvas, visit the UW Madison Information Technology Canvas page.
  • Once logged into Canvas, you will be directed to your dashboard where you can see all of the courses assigned to you.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Canvas, please visit this Academic Technology Canvas page which consists of helpful information regarding Canvas. You can also find Canvas training that occurs every semester through this site as well.


LDT Team Roles and Responsibilities 

Amanda Renz – Learning Design Technology Manager

  • Credit Degree Programs: Power & SSE.
  • Credit Certificate Programs: Power Conversion & Control (PPC)
  • Non-Credit Professional Development (NCPD) Segments: Power and Building & Energy Systems Segments

Stacey Binder – Sr. Instructional Designer

  • Credit Degree Programs: MSE, MEDA, Polymers, & MEES
  • Credit Certificate Programs: Polymer Processing & Manufacturing, Engine Design, & Powertrain Electrification
  • Non-Credit Professional Development (NCPD) Segments: Engine Systems & Transportation Infrastructure Environmental
  • Non-Credit Certificates: Maintenance & Reliability, Quick Response Manufacturing, & Water Reclamation
  • Consortia & Centers: Quick Response Manufacturing
  • Projects & Pilots: ThriveDX Bootcamps

Garrett Kline – Instructional Designer

  • Credit Degree Programs: MEM
  • Credit Certificate Programs: Applied Engineering Management
  • Non-Credit Professional Development (NCPD) Segments: Leadership & Manufacturing
  • Non-Credit Certificates: Technical Leadership
  • Consortia & Centers: UWEBC

Shelly Burns – Instructional Technologist

Audrey Rice – Instructional Specialist