Student Surveys

InterPro’s mission is to advance the Wisconsin Idea for the College of Engineering by delivering professional education programs and learning services to individuals and organizations. Student Surveys provide an important opportunity for learners to reflect and provide feedback on their learning. We value this information and use it to continuously improve the learning experience.

Student surveys are a valuable tool for students, instructors, and staff to reflect on the learning experience and discover opportunities to improve and innovate for future courses.

Learning Design & Technologies Team

Credit Course Student Surveys

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Student surveys for credit courses are available to students and instructors via the UW HelioCampus Dashboard. HelioCampus is the UW-supported end-of-course evaluation and feedback system used for credit programs.  While a student survey is active, instructors can monitor the response rates in their HelioCampus dashboard. Survey results are made available one day after the final grades are due for the course.

Credit Course Student Survey Overview

The InterPro end-of-course student survey for credit courses includes four key sections: student ratings, student comments, student self-assessment of course learning outcomes, and optional instructor-added questions.

Student Self-Assessment of Course Learning Outcomes in the Credit Course Student Survey

As part of the survey, students are asked to assess their understanding of the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) before and after taking the course. The HelioCampus system pulls the official CLOs directly from the Lumen system.

Instructor-Added Questions in the Credit Course Student Survey

Instructors have the option to add custom survey questions. Instructors add these questions through their personal HelioCampus Dashboard.